The Master's Degree Program in Electronics Engineering

Class LM-29

The Master's Degree Program in Electronics Engineering trains highly specialized graduates in the various sectors of electronics. The Master’s Degree Program makes the graduate Electronics Engineer able to design electronic circuits and systems using advanced techniques and methodologies, proposing innovative solutions in multiple application contexts like the information processing, the automotive, the aerospace, the Internet-of-Things, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and many others.

Admission to the Master's Degree Program

Job Opportunities

The Program Organization

Graduate Electronics Engineers are typically employed in:

  • industries designing and producing electronic components, circuits and systems;

  • in the public administrations and service companies, which use electronic technologies;

  • in manufacturing industries embedding electronics into their products or that use electronic systems in the production process;

  • higher education and research institutions such as Universities, CNR and both public and private laboratories;

Job Opportunities

The Master’s Degree Program in Electronics Engineering offers the choice between four curricula devoted to fields and topics of great interest:

  • the Electronic Devices and Systems curriculum provides graduate students with extensive knowledge of the methodological aspects of Electronic Engineering, starting from the design of devices up to the realization of electronic systems;

  • the Electronics Radio Frequency Systems curriculum is dedicated to radio telecommunications systems, analog electronics and mixed domain systems used at radio frequencies;

  • the Green Electronics curriculum offers specific skills in the design of eco-sustainable systems, with particular regard to the automotive and alternative energy sources;

  • the Hardware-software codesign curriculum is aimed at students who, having in-depth knowledge on the methods and applications of Computer Engineering and basic knowledge on digital electronics, want to acquire techniques and methodologies for the design of embedded systems at software and hardware level.

The Program Organization

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