Thesis and Final Exam

In addition to having passed all the exams, each student must carry out the Thesis activity for being admitted to the final Master's Degree exam. It consists of theoretical and/or experimental work, supervised either by a Board's member or by a tenured Professor teaching some course in the Program.

The thesis can be developed either locally in a research laboratory of the DIMES, or in an external laboratory (of another university, industry, etc.) with the cooperation of a tutor belonging to the hosting structure.

The academic tutor proposes the topic of the thesis, in accordance with his/her own teaching and/or research expertise.

Faculty Expertises

For the final exam, the student prepares a paper that can be written also in English, especially if the Thesis has been carried out in another University, as ruled by the Internationalization Program. Each student has 15 minutes to present, using an appropriate number of slides, his/her work to a specific Committee, composed of five Board’s members.

The final grade is awarded by the mentioned Committee, which assigns a score ranging from 0 to 8 points. This score is summed to the weighted average (expressed in one hundred and ten) of the grades reported in the exams.

The Committee assigns:

- up to 7 points on the basis of the final exam;

- 1 point to students who either take the final exam by 31 December following the conclusion of the 2nd year from the first enrollment, or have passed at least one exam in the LLP / ERASMUS program.

The final score is rounded to the nearest integer. If the final score exceeds 113 and the Committee is unanimous, the Degree is awarded Cum Laude.

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